Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Singapore Jane = a brilliant lady!

A personal preference of mine is that zipper bags (which I love, and which I love sewing) be finished properly inside and outside - with no raw edges.  There are many tutorials online for this technique - here's a great one.   

When the zipper in a zipper bag is in the middle(ish) rather than at the top, it's a whole new ball of wax.  Other zipper bag aficionados (likely a rather small subset of sewists in general, LOLOL) would agree, should the question be posed in their general direction.  Suffice it to say, it's a production to do this bag "properly", and tonight, I'm happy to say, I learned how to do it from the inventive and creative Jane in Singapore - tutorial here :)  I had a rough time with the bag - many seams were ripped, many seams were basted as a test run, and I forgot to sew the tab in at the zipper pull *oops*.  However, I ended up with a sweet centre-ish zipper bag that's fully lined on the inside, with no raw edges.  Jane - you ROCK!!  Thank you for not being satisfied to do an average job on the bag, but to come up with a great technique that I'll certainly be using again and again!  Now that I know what I'm doing, I won't have problems the next time :D

Happy, I am!!


  1. Hello Sandra With A Smile, This is the Brilliant Jane from Singapore. Folks who use my tute rarely show me the result and I'm very happy you showed me yours. Thank you.

  2. Sandra ~ love the new bag. I'll have to check out Brilliant Jane ~ although if you had problems with your first one, I can't imagine the mess mine will be!

  3. I love your pic with all the arrows and smiley faces! Isn't it awesome when you find a great tutorial!


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