Friday, July 23, 2010

A few small finishes :)

Thanks Barb!  My friend Barb (tinkquilts) recently sent me a luscious flamingo FQ - it immediately jumped under Bella (my 1953 Singer) and Cinderella'd into a couple of notebook covers!  I would have gotten 3 covers if I hadn't miscut TWICE *argh*.  I still have some pretty scraps of the fabric for a future project - thanks Barb!!!

Here are a couple of recent finishes - a set of zipper bags with a matching notebook cover (tutorial here), along with a gift bag - sorry Miss Aubree, my love affair with zipper bags is still in full force, LOLOL!!  The notebook cover has a built-in ribbon bookmark - seen below - a nice touch - thanks Roslyn and Moda!


  1. Just when I thought you were cured, bang!, there's a gajillion more! LOL

  2. Cute cute cute... glad my fabric went to such a perfect project.

  3. Hey, I think I've seen those somewhere!!

    Ever so cute, ever so wanna-use`able!!

    *cough cough* ~ the perfect project for the perfect sister ? ! ?


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