Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bag 1 of a 4 bag set :)

I'm working on a special set of zipper bags using some fabrics I was given and some co-ordinating fabrics I bought - here's the first bag - it's soooooo pretty!  When I get the other bags done I'll make zipper pulls to go with them - my one thumb is a bit too chewed up (aka psoriasy) to do fiddly jobs right now - it needs a few days to heal, lol. I hope the other bags go as well as this one did!


  1. Cute! Are there triangle shaped flaps on the front? With buttons??

  2. I love the details on this bag. Especially the prairie points. You always do such nice work.

  3. This is adorable -- love the detail with the triangles and buttons. Hope your thumb heals quickly.

  4. oh so cute. How many zippers DO you have?


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