Friday, September 10, 2010

Car play mats!

Tutorial by Rebecca @ This Present Life - thank you Rebecca - it's adorable!!  I bought special car fabric for this project but I was making a bit of change to her tute so I did a trial run in stash fabric - I added a layer of quilt batting to give it a bit more body.  It worked perfectly :)  Here it is all rolled up with a pretend car on the side (copying Rebecca's photograph :D)

Here it is opened up with sewing notions pretend cars in it ;)

My fabrics for this project - I'll start cutting and kitting tonight - I have enough fabric for about 6 mats :)  One is a Christmas present for great nephew Matteo - I'll pick up some dinky cars the next time I'm at Walmart - I haven't bought those in YEARS - not since my guys were little!

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