Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I wish I could remember ...

... who I was making this quilt for!!  *scratching my head* ;)

I bought Fisher Price Link-a-Doos a few weeks ago in Buffalo - exactly for this purpose - mom attaches a baby toy through the Link-a-Doo, for baby to play with :)  The wee muffin can even chomp on the link - it's baby safe!  Tres cool :)

Random fabric and stitches ... or a clue?  Only JB Fletcher knows for sure!  :)

Finished this little guy today, and received the golf ball ceramic beads (apparently made in Peru, if the ebay seller is accurate) in the mail - now I can make the zipper pulls for the golf zipper bags I've been working on!  I'll order a smaller size next time - these are a little bigger than I would like :D


  1. Those links on the quilt are a great idea! No lost sucky!

  2. Love these little projects, love the ring on mason's quilt. Those little golf beads are too cha-cha for words!

  3. i love the Link-A-Do thingys! Great idea!!!


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