Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This is why I like scraps so much :)

Here's a page I made tonight for another baby soft "colour" book --- I used a Carol Doak crazy block pattern to get the centre motif - I thought it was rather appropriate for a baby book!  Then I thought ... hmmmmmm ... cute to put a heart in the block, but what if ... what if ... what if I put an INITIAL in another block??!?!?!?!  I'm going to try to draft something up to see if I can get this to work - I think it's a brilliant idea, if I may be so unhumble for a moment!

Angela - here's the pink string quilt I'm working on - these are 9" (finished) blocks, and the blocks will be set 6 x 8, for a finished size of 54 x 72.  I have 24 blocks done, so I'm halfway finished.  I need to find some more pink scraps - I'm running out of prints, lol!

These types of blocks are my favorites to make - they're unplanned, random, wonky, scrap-hungry pieces of eye candy - not to all, I'm sure, but certainly to ME! ;)


  1. Both of those are soooo cute. I've been wanting to do a string quilt for a while ~ need one of those "round tuits." I like the single color... that would be a great baby quilt to have on hand!

  2. I love both quilt blocks. The string block is so cute and girly. Might have to make one myself.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the block with the heart! beutiful!

  4. such a busy girl...everything looks great as usual Sandra...hugs Khris


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