Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finishing up some "kitted" projects ...

 2 golf zipper bags and a Halloween bag - that bright green corduroy was from a thrift store purchase - I think I paid about a buck for a metre!  It's lovely fabric - very soft :)

 Halloween bib using up some scraps of froggy Halloween fabric and more of my thrift store corduroy :)  This was the first time I used the new "soft" velcro - it feels way nicer than the old stuff!

 One more block for my next "color" soft book - I'm having a lot of fun making these pages :)  I bought grommets today @ Fabricland to try instead of making a "spine" (which gets very thick from multiple layers of fabric) :)

I found this project tucked away in a basket - all it needed was to have the drawstring pulled through - I must have put it away by mistake without realizing how close it was to being completed, lol.

Hmmmmmm blogger seems to have made some more changes to their posting process - usually I'm complaining about how hard it is to lay out the photos with the text, but with this new change it worked perfectly and easily the first time.  I'm pleased but not holding my breath ;)

OH!!!  We have a new baby in the family!!  Niece Daniela and her b/f Aaron (out in Alberta) had their little bambino on Tuesday - a bouncing (9 pound 14 ounce - OUCH!) baby boy that they've named Shaun --- congratulations to the new mom and dad - I can't wait to see pictures!  SHAUN - welcome to the world, sweetie pie - I hope you have red hair!!! ;)


  1. Love the blue and green zippies and the the blue page too.

    Congrats to your niece and her bf on the baby! My hubby was that size at birth and my poor MIL had to sit on a donut for a month after!

  2. Great projects! Sending welcome to the world hugs to new baby!!!!!! Yipppeeee!

  3. Your zipper bags are so cute -- I especially love the one with the cute Halloween print. And -- that dog crying over the soldier's return brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for posting!

  4. Congrats on the new baby.. how exciting!
    I love the corduroy projects. I've not worked with corduroy much. I have a TON of froggy fabrics. I always got them with Angie in mind..... some times I still do.


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