Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just say YES to elephants :D

Inspired by THIS post, I bought these Debbie Mumm fabrics in Buffalo last weekend.  Not only is the post not in English (I love Google's translation feature, lol) - I don't even know how to embroider!  I have a friend who can help me, tho, so I'm not overly concerned :D

I'd like to do a baby girl set with the fabrics - a quilt, taggy/ribbon blanket, bib(s), burp cloth (depending on how much fabric is left after finishing the quilt), an elephant stuffy (this one, perhaps?).  An elephantly embroidered bag would be nice to hold the small items :D

Two more completed golf bags for my golf bag order (say that five times fast!), and it seems my camera ate my frog picture, so I'll have to retake it, lol.

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  1. I was just strolling through that other woman's blog posts. I may not understand what she has written but she sure has some pretty stuff on there. Very inspirational.


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