Monday, September 6, 2010

A little trial ... with cute results :)

I recently saw a photo of a zipper bag online - it featured a new-to-me "embellishment" idea that piqued my interest, and I decided to try to copy emulate it. Here's my version - I quite like how it turned out!

I did make one error during construction - if I peek inside the zipper pocket, I see the interfacing that backs the lining.  OOPS!  I thought about that before construction and I thought I had a workaround figured out, but I wasn't 100% successful :D  I'll keep this bag handy for the next attempt, so I can remember exactly what needs to be changed :D  Other than that one minor problem, I really like how the bag turned out, and I'll definitely be making more zippies in this design!  To think that I sewed for 30+ years before I got up enough nerve to do zippers, LOL!   Hey Aubree - can you believe I actually made a zipper bag???!!  ;)

I also finished another linen bag bag tonite for my golf collection :D


  1. Those are so cute. Love black and white! I picked up a bunch of zippers this weekend for $1.00 each but I really try to avoid them. Not sure why ~ guess it's mental!

  2. Whaaat??? You made a zipper bag!!!


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