Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby 1 and Baby 2 :)

The colour in the second picture is rather scary - the bibs are actually a soft banana yellow - very pretty!  These are for our expectant niece/nephew (well, nephew + his darling wife) who are expecting twins in the spring :)  Right now they call the babies (a boy and a girl!) Baby 1 and Baby 2, hence the above project :D 

Last night I drafted the text in Stitch Universal Era (a very detailed program, in which I can only do the most basic of tasks) and did the stitch-outs, then this morning I sewed the bibs on my new old 411 Singer :D  Will deliver the bibs in an hour when we see hubby's family for lunch!


  1. SO CUTE!!! I'm so glad that machine is working so well for you, that's awesome.

  2. That's so cute... baby 1 and baby 2. I'm sure that they will love the bibs.


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