Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reporting in from Santa's Workshop :)

Like most crafters, I've been busy in the dungeon workshop for a while now - here are a few photos I can safely post ;)

Pillowcases for Blue Hills

I misread the stitching directions and got an orange car instead of blue, LOL (stitched on reclaimed electrician's denim :D)

"Redwork" stitcheries for a friend, using variegated thread

Thread purchased during our recent trip to PA

Zippers purchased during our PA trip

Off to download more photos from Chris's camera ;)  BTW - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!!  Today is my brother's birthday - I called him on the phone tonight but he was out - hopefully having a lovely birthday dinner!  As a gift, I did *not* sing Happy Birthday to him --- you're welcome, Kim!  :D


  1. Well my dear, you are going to have to come give me lessons on pillowcases - I did make one for my brother, and my hem didn't match up. He won't care...I hope...

    I LIKE the orange car, lol. And yes you do need stabilizer for denim...I found out the hard way just how stretchy it is! Love the redwork, especially the reindeer. Happy Birthday to your brother!!!

  2. Productive as ever! Stitcheries? Have you been cranking out hand work too?


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