Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Reason 4,763 why I love my vet :)

My kitty has on-going health issues but they're pretty much under control with medication.  Hubby and I are going away for a week and the kids will be taking care of Le Beast.   I took him to the vet tonight to make sure he's not having any issues, as the kids might not be as quick to catch them as I (hopefully) would be.  Dr. Nora checked him over and pronounced him fine, and gave me some hints about his medication - then told me that the visit was on her, because she knows I'm very conscientious about taking care of his issues :)  Zoomer and I both thank you Dr. Nora - your kindness is much appreciated!  Everybody in that office is such a delight to deal with - so caring and concerned, and they treat Zoomer like he's their own kitty :D

I love my vets - 3 cheers for Drs. Nora and Jacqui!


  1. I love reading things like this. Isn't it wonderful to have those kind of people in your life. They are so worth celebrating.

  2. Having a good vet like that is a priceless gift! I'm sure Zoomer will do well while you're away. Enjoy!

  3. I love Dr. Nora too!! whoo hoo, that is wonderful!!! :)


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