Monday, November 21, 2011

Jenn's shower gift :)

Last weekend I went to a baby shower held for my expectant niece Jennifer - here are the gifties I made :D

Playmat with loops and velcro to attach toys to keep baby entertained :)  My friend Nancy made the stuffed seahorse and starfishies!

A matching wet bag and bib complete the set :)  She also got a set of 4 Sens bibs I made when I first found out she was pregnant, lol.

Baby Black is due exactly one month from today - I know I'm excited and momma-to-be is excited, but I suspect my sister Sherry - soon-to-be-Grammie - is probably more excited than everybody, if that's possible, LOL!!  Sherry "you're" in the home stretch!!! ;)


  1. Welcome Back Sandra! Hope your holiday was fun and relaxing.

    As always the baby gifts you make are adorable. What fun fabric!

  2. Love these fabrics and colors, tell Nancy I love her sea animals too! What a perfect gift for a new baby! Hugs, Mickie

  3. Such a happy little mat. I love that fabric -- well I love almost all fabric -- but that one is exceptionally cute. Nicely done, pardner!

  4. What great baby gifts - that mat is too darling! Your sister must be over the moon!


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