Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hair and manicure - part deux - the completions :)

3 piece set - tote, panty bag, round bottom bag
Close-up of panty bag and round bottom bag
Stitchery added inside all the bags
Blow dryer zipper pull
Brush zipper pull
Blogger insists on arranging photos the way they want them.  Here's a zipper pull with a nail polish charm - I made this same pull for each bag in this set
Manicurist tote and tall pouch - panels are by Loralie
Back of tote
Nail polish stitchout in both bags


  1. Oh my goodness cute overload - love these and the pulls are so perfect! Love the flamingo from the last post, I think I might have that one somewhere. You've been busy!

  2. Such sweet items, what great presents! I love the way you match the charms to the fabric

  3. 'Nails' and 'Hair' are going to be in a state of Shear Delight nirvana!
    These are all so awesome and so very adorable - I think I should take up aesthetics and put them on MY wish list!

    Love the flamingos, too!


  4. I love that fabric with the hair dryer etc on it. Can you tell me the brand/name of it please. Hugs Khris


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