Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ice storm - Dec. 22 - 23, 2013

Here are some photos from the massive ice storm we had just before Christmas - hundreds of thousands of people in this area (and others!) were affected - we were lucky that our power was only out for 29 hours, but others lost it for days, and even over a week.  Many people were without power for Christmas.  There was a lot of damage to the trees on our street, and it'll be a while before it gets cleaned up.  Hubby and DS2 went to work on the Monday, and I visited my neighbour who had a gas stove, so they made me a nice hot breakfast :)

HAHAHA we turned on the gas fireplace for heat :)  DS2 turned the recliner towards the fireplace and he and hubby warmed their toesies :)


The video shows hubby and DS2 taking down the one smallish branch we lost in the storm - others had more damage than we did, and will lose their trees.  We were lucky that our damage was so minor!


  1. OMG Sandra, this has been such a cold winter for so many. After a certain point cold is just plain toooooo cold and I don't know how people can stand it. Our area was devastated with just a drop to 5 degrees a few years ago. I need to go put on a polar fleece jacket after looking at your pics!

  2. We are on the tail end of a very cold snap for the area. The last two days, with the windchill our temps were in the -40's F. We've had school cancelled the last two days b/c of the cold. I'm just grateful we didn't lose our power… we don't have a fireplace or anything in our house and it would have eventually been unbearable. Glad your damage wasn't too awful.

  3. Makes me look at snow in a whole new light. Without the text in your post, the snow and ice just looks so pretty to someone who's only seen light snow on a handful of occasions.

  4. that sounds terrible, is it still freezing over there? I did worry when we got rid of our gas stove and got an electric one that we will all die if there's a powercut....

  5. That is unbelievably cold. So pleased you have neighbours with a gas stove. Did you have power for Christmas Day? It has been so hot here, particularly last weekend, such a contrast. Last Saturday it was 45C in my sewing room - but I wasnt in there very long. That is way too hot for sewing.

  6. Although the photos are really pretty I can imagine it wasn't fun with all that cold. Hope things have warmed up by now.

  7. Oh, wow! Glad that one didn't reach New York! Our pine trees would be sticks.


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