Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When you shoot your hamster, does he play dead? :)

Nick being a goof - 2011 :D
Happy birthday to our oldest son Nick - he turns 25 today - holy smokes!  We're taking him out for dinner tonight to his (and my) favourite restaurant - The Keg - and then he invited us over to his house for dessert.  He asked if I could make and bring the dessert, LOL.  Dunzo - I made pumpkin tiramisu, and Bailey's Irish Cream cheesecake - shhhhhhh don't tell him - he doesn't know what I'm bringing :)
Nick being a goof in 2005 :)  I'm starting to think our son is actually ... a GOOF!!!  ;)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's only one month between Nick and my daughter. Hope you all have a lovely evening. You should be ashamed of yourself talking about cheesecake when you know I'll be reading. LOLLL

  2. Hope Nick had a great birthday!


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