Sunday, January 19, 2014

House pics - 2/4 :)

Dennis checking out the leak in the ceiling - the leak has now been fixed by our lovely plumber friend Taylor, but now Nick needs to repair the kitchen ceiling :D

Large picture window at end of kitchen - it overlooks the front yard

This is where we store our beer - NOT!  The ladder and one of the garbage cans used for leak repair :D

Nick pretending to be mad at the photographer (aka ME) :)

Looking for a screwdriver ...

Cooking tortellini soup :D

Nick's bar, LOLOL!

Why yes - he DOES do dishes!
The kitchen needs quite a bit of work - Nick will eventually replace the cupboards and the counter, plus he needs to get a table and chairs to go in front of the window.  All in good time :) 

Hall and guest bathroom:

Dennis and Nick bringing in Nick's new hall console table.

Door to the guest bathroom.

Bifold front closet doors in front hallway (they're in pretty bad shape and will have to be replaced eventually).

Looking into the hall from the living room - the glass door leads down into the basement.

Sink in guest bathroom :)

Window in guest bathroom - on the opposite wall, over the toilet, is a big mirror with a shelf.  Hard to get pics in there - it's very small :D

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  1. I'm too far away to pop round for a nosy so I'm loving these.


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