Sunday, January 19, 2014

One last photo-heavy post - 4/4 :D

Final part of the tour - the basement and the outside :)

Stairway going down into the basement - that's the doorway to a small storage room at the bottom of the stairs.
Built-in shelving in the rec room.
Rec room.

Gas fireplace with hearth.
Dennis checking out the water softener in the laundry room :D

Washer and dryer - yes, he DOES do laundry :)

Storage in the laundry room :)
And now a quick peek outside into the back yard - yep, lots of snow! ;)

Left side of back yard.  He has several mature trees back there, and some shrubs and flowers - we'll have to wait until the spring to see what kind of flowers he has :)  He'll definitely be planting rhubarb!

Right of back yard - that's a stone fireplace on the patio.

Storage shed in the back yard (right side).
And that concludes our tour of Nick's house (although I need to get pictures of the front and of his new hall console table :D) - don't forget to sign the guest book on your way out!  ;)


  1. Thanks for the tour. Things are looking great! He's doing a great job making it his own.

  2. Thanks for the tour. I've really enjoyed it. It's always nice to see what's going on rather than just hear about it. It's a big house. Maybe Nick should start thinking about getting a partner soon LOLLL

  3. I've been away and missed all the house posts. Needless to say, I've been through them all now. What a lovely home!

    Off to see if I've missed anything else. I took a job. Silly me. It's sucking up all my sewing time.


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