Thursday, May 25, 2017

More pictures :D

Earlier I posted fabric shopping pictures from our recent trip to New York - here are the last few photos that I didn't have time to get uploaded :D  It does take a while to photograph 30 meters of fabric  (she says with an embarrassed self-deprecating grimace!)!

Why yes - I *do* like polka dots!  In lime green, pink, grey, yellow and blue with cherries, thank you very much!  ;)
150cm (60") wide denim, Osnaburg (lovely fabric - great for gift bags - very textural) and polka dots with cherries :)
A buncha buttons for .50c a card - score :)  Most are acrylic/plastic ... the purple ones in the middle row are ceramic, and the bottom item is a package of studs that was .27c @ Hobby Lobby :D

7 different colours of a product called Oly-fun - on clearance for .97c per pack of 3 sheets :)  I'm planning on using these for finger puppets - they''ll fit beautifully into envelopes so I can send these to the kids as a surprise!   

And now - something you were never interested in waiting for .... proof that I am, in fact, a 12 year old boy :)  This is my favourite purchase from the trip, and one that guarantees eye rolls from my children.  I can't wait to wear it in the hot tub after aquafit, LOL!

That concludes the shopping portion of our blog post today - up next will be project finishes from the last little while :D  If only pesky housework and real life stuff wouldn't interfere with internet fun!  ;)

I have peeeeeeeeeectures :)

Hubby and I went for a mini vacation in New York a few days ago - we spent time in Watertown - shopping, and visiting my brother, sister-in-law and nephew ... then we headed to Clifton Park to visit our friends Barbara (Baye Leaf) and Brian, for chatting and shopping and eats and more shopping.  I wish we'd had more time because Barbara and I would have played sewing machine - I wanted us to make a fishy bag together.  Next time!

I managed to pick up 33 yards (30 meters) of fabric during our short visit.  Then there was a bolt of iron-on interfacing, 2 queen size quilt batts, some pretty buttons, some rope for baskets (inspired by Kathy, who has been making awesome rope baskets!) I didn't manage to find cotton rope so I bought something similar, just to try the craft.  If I enjoy it I'll hit Ace Hardware the next time we go Stateside, and nab some :)

Here are some of the bits and pieces I got - most of them were on sale, of course :D  I will admit that the turquoisey blue Jaws print was my favourite purchase of all of them - I don't even know what I'm going to make with it (or it might just ripen in stash for a long time!) but I had to have it - JAWS FABRIC!  What a world we live in, lolol!


Fat quarters

My favourite of all my purchases - the Jaws print with a Keepsake Calico that works *perfectly* with it :)

Close-up of Jaws :D

Close-up of Jaws boat print :D

Jaws boat print :)

Pokemon print for pillowcase, with the turquoisey blue print I grabbed for the cuff

GIRL POWER!  Girl superhero fabric - why isn't there more of this around?!  Girls *are* superheroes!

OK I have to go get some housework done - it's a rainy grey drizzly day - perfect weather for staying inside and playing with the new fabric cleaning and doing housework :D

Thursday, May 11, 2017

"I" 'm the dirty one? :D

^^^ Someone has a sense of humour!  ;)  Here's part of the salad I made for supper yesterday - apparently one of my pears has a side job as a cheeky still life model  :D

Yep - I'm a 12 year old boy masquerading as a 5x year old woman ;)  My kids and husband would definitely agree, lol :D

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Jungle zipper pouch set :D

The sun is still shining out there - it's a wonderful day! I got another set of projects ready for their photography session, and will deliver them (along with the pillowcases) to Miss Amanda tonight for delivery to Blue Hills :D

Here's the whole set hanging on the line :)

Giraffe drawstring gift bag :)

 The smallest of the zipper pouches

Two more pouches

The last 2 pouches

And finally - the drawstring bag with all the pouches inside :D

6 little pillowcases, hanging on the line ...

... the wind blew them around and then they were fine so I waited for it to calm down then took some pix :D

Finally the sun is out so I can get some pix of finished projects - these pillowcases were stitched up this month, and believe it or not, I always ALWAYS press them after they're finished.  That isn't very evident from these photos, though!  After my projects are completed and pressed I fold them up and put them in a Rubbermaid container to keep them dust free until I can get pictures - that doesn't work well on pillowcases, it would seem!  Just imagine them crisply pressed :)

The 6 pack :D

Pretty gingham with little flowers :)

Dinosaurs :)

Construction (left) and leaves (right) :)
I'll hand these off to my friend Amanda tonight @ aquafit for delivery to Blue Hills - that's 6 meters of stash "done and dusted"!  :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

More Les Grenouilles :D

A couple of months ago I posted a collection of frog themed bags I had done up to use up some scraps and bits and pieces - while rooting around in my stash for something, I found more froggies :) I chopped and quilted and interfaced and zippered, and made 4 front zip pouches for Blue Hills :)  I think I had enough left over for a pillowcase, but I'd have to go looking to see if I'm remembering a real thing, or if my mind is making sh** up :D

Here are the bags hanging on my clothesline - each one is just a little different than the rest.  The quilting was done with a different colour for each bag, and the zipper pulls are different as well.  I'll be delivering these tonight to my counselling center contact.  Hope they like them :)

4 front zip pouches - tutorial by Kristin Link, here :)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Apples + pizza + dentists + denim :)

Here's a little pouch I whipped up this morning using some denim I upcycled from kids jeans bought @ the thrift store for $1/pair :)  My dentist gives me a goody bag when I'm a good girl and don't bite him (lol), but I have a better use for these items - this shall be going to my lovely contact @ the counselling center tomorrow when I see her @ aquafit :D

Upcycled denim zipper pouch ... with apple applique :D

Back of pouch - the little label says "Handmade", but I couldn't get a clear close-up >:(

Let's just fill it with extras from my dentist! (I prefer my own brands to his, hehe)

We don't always need to be *totally* healthy, so I added a pizza zipper pull to the bag ... for fun snacking purposes ;)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

There's a reason that redheads are called carrot top :D

And I don't mean THIS Carrot Top!  I mean THESE carrot tops :)

(Collage created in this program)  My 3 carrot zipper pouches - tutorial here :)
 Aren't they cute?  I made mine a touch smaller than she did, to use the zippers I had on hand.  I cut the fabrics to 5" x 10", quilted them with regular quilt batting, then trimmed them down to 4.5" x 9".   Vanessa's video is very well done - I would say it's aimed at beginners.  I have to poke through her other stuff to see what else she has gotten up to - I'm really pleased with my carrots, lol.  Thank you Vanessa from Crafty Gemini Creates (website here, and youtube videos here)!

Is anyone else seeing carrot zippies in "heirloom" colours now, or is it just me?  ;)

Photo nabbed from Candace Cooks - she posted a cool recipe for Honey Roasted Heirloom Carrots that sounds pretty delicious - I should try it :D  I see the heirloom carrots @ Costco every time I'm there, but have never tried them!

Here's another project I recently finished - the pattern  (NAYY) is from Winterpeach on Craftsy - there are 3 designs in the one pattern - bunny (the one I did), chick and lamb :)  I expect I'll be doing all of them eventually - they're very cute :D  The original design is quite tiny, so I increased it to 150% - my bag finished to about 11" tall (not counting the ears), and the round base is about 7" wide.

Winterpeach bunny drawstring bag :)

What what - bunny butt!  Because I'm a 12 year old boy :)

Next time around I'm going to do a yoyo for the bunny tail, and stuff it a bit.  Or stitch a pompom onto a yoyo and then stitch it on - I think that would be cute :)

OOoooOO I just realized - both of these projects can be posted to Fiona's New to Me linky party for April - YAY :)

Friday, April 14, 2017

Superheroes and ladybugs :)

I needed to make a couple of bags for gifts - I was thinking duffle type bags, but smaller.  I like making boxy bags and I thought they would upsize nicely, and they did :)  I actually used the main measurements from the large Retreat bag from Emmaline bags (version 2.0) for mine, making the appropriate changes from zipper top bag to boxy bag with straps :D  They're a bit smaller than I would have liked, but other than that they're just right :)  It's a beautiful sunny day today, so I went outside and propped the bags on DS2's car - he's working with his dad right now, so I borrowed his trunk for a prop.  Don't tell!  ;)

I did the superheroes first (fabric from Joanns) - it's a bit awkward manipulating fabric pieces that size (20"w X 14"t, approximately, before quilting and trimming down) - awkward, but not difficult.  And I watched several episodes of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries while I was stitching :D  They measure about 12" x 6" x 6" --- the pink one is a bit shorter and fatter, and the superheroes one is a bit longer and skinnier :D  Now I need to see what I have in my stash of goodies to tuck inside, and then I need to find a box to wrap them in :)

Friday, March 31, 2017

A rip-roaring su ... errrrrrr ... failure :D

Today I decided to try a new to me pattern from Craftsy ... I can't find a link for it on Craftsy, but here's a cached version.  It's called Glitter It All Pouch by zuckerkuss.   It's a zippered vinyl pouch with fabric bands at the top for the zipper install.  It's made with a double layer of vinyl and you pop glitter between the 2 layers, then stitch it up.  Cute, eh?  I WISH!  I've made a few zipper bags in my day (lol), and this one BEAT me - it really did.  After 3 muck-ups I said screw it, and pitched it in the round filing cabinet - aka the garbage can :D

It was hard to get pictures because of the vinyl and my lights, plus the problems are hard to see.  I used a teflon foot so I shouldn't have had so many problems - I'm not sure what happened.  I basted the 2 pieces of vinyl together with only a few stitches going awry.  Then I stitched the fabric bands together (no vinyl involved) and that worked out well too.  However, from there on in it was a sinking ship :(  I used double sided tape to "baste" the fabric band to one end of the vinyl, but when I started to stitch, the fabric shifted and the vinyl and fabric went off kilter.  I didn't notice that, though - I noticed that the stitches were AWFUL.  I think there were only about 10 stitches across the 8" width ... and my machine is set at 14 stitches per inch!  I tried at least 3 seams across each piece of vinyl+fabric - no go.  I tried from the right (fabric) side - and I tried from the wrong (vinyl) side - no success.  Then I noticed that one of the bands had shifted.  At that point I screeched (yes, I actually did, lol) >:)  

In this picture, you may be able to see the multiple seams where the fabric meets the vinyl - none of them are a good seam.  Also - the right edge of the fabric should be aligned with the line on my cutting table - at the bottom it's about 1/8" past the cutting line, and at the top - it's about 3/8" - it shifted by about 1/4" from bottom to top!  

The 3rd and final problem is that somehow a bunch of the glitter landed in the seam area, and I stitched right over it - enclosing the dumb glitter in the seam.  That wouldn't have been the end of the world, but it was a lot of glitter so there wasn't much left in the bag itself, lol.  #nailinthecoffin !

I've sewn vinyl before and haven't had this many problems.  I think I'll just put my vinyl away for a while and try something else - between this bag and the horrid HORRID search capabilities @ Craftsy (has anyone else noticed that?) I don't even want to think about vinyl or glitter right now :D

I'm going to post this to Fiona's New to Me linky party for March - hopefully my next new to me project goes better than this one did :D  At least I didn't waste a zipper - silver lining?  :)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A couple of finish photos ... and a salad :D

Got veg?  If you have some broccoli and a few other items in your fridge and pantry, you might want to try this recipe - I made it recently and WOW it's good!  I made a few changes from the original recipe to use up what I had on hand - dried cranberries instead of raisins, 2 whole peppers instead of 2 halves, and walnuts instead of almonds.  I chose poppy seed dressing instead of coleslaw, but I think the latter would be delicious as well!  I think I'll try a pear next time instead of - or perhaps in addition to - the apple :D   Hubby and I liked it - the kids liked it - the leftovers (there weren't many) were fine the next day - this is a 5* recipe :)

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming sewing!  ;)  I've been getting in some good sewing time over the last few weeks, and have some finishes to show you.   These items were made to use up bags of scraps I had in stash for ages (years!), given to me by a friend :D

Drawstring gift bags :)

Close-up of the beads I added to the drawstrings - some of them are glitter beads :D

9 bags from a collection of Dr. Seuss themed scraps :)

Drawstring bag made with the last of the Dr. Seuss scraps - I sized it to hold the other 8 bags :)

3 more Dr. Seuss bags ...

2 more Dr. Seuss bags ...

... and last but not least, the last 3 of the Dr. Seuss bags :)

All of these bags are going to Blue Hills next week - I'm pretty sure someone (someoneS!) will enjoy them :)

I have another collection of bags made using some construction fabric - it's getting overcast outside so I'll try to get pictures tomorrow :D  EDITED @ 4:15 p.m. to add ... it's a good thing I got the photos earlier because it's snowing out there now!  Just a bit, but YIKES!


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