Friday, June 16, 2017

Magic Pouch - a rather awesome design :)

Now that the warm weather has arrived, I'm spending more time in my basement dungeon sewing room - it's nice and cool down here - just right for sewing ;)

Kitchen curtains for DS2's kitchen - requested by him so that the sun wouldn't shine in the window and block his view of his television in the next room, LOL.

A new to me pattern, and one which is highly recommend :)  This is a Magic Pouch - free tutorial available here @ Craftsy :)  Once you learn how the technique of getting a zipper on both ends (and no raw edges - bonus!) you'll be able to make similar bags in any size you want :)  
Pokemon pillowcase for my off-to-Waterloo-for-university-in-the-fall neighbour Daphne :)  Sorry for the bad picture - the ones I took outside were faded because the sun is shining so brightly (YAY!) but the ones in the dark basement are rather dull!  Pokemon fabric (and the cuff fabric as well, actually) are from my trip to Joanns last month :D
Close-up of the Pokemon print :)

The Magic Pouch will get posted to June's New to Me linky party @ Celthic Thistle Stitches  :) 


  1. That was a bold color choice on the kitchen walls. Looks great as do the curtains. I'm sitting here at Lake George eating soft serve ice cream. Love my vacations.

  2. I read somewhere else about this magic pouch. Hopefully, I'll get some sewing time soon and then I can give it a try.

  3. I especially love the flowered fabric on the first magic pouch. I'm definitely going to have to try that pattern to see how I like it, too :)

  4. Lovely new curtains - I like his kitchen! Looks tiny, though! The Magic Pouches are darling, as is the pillowcase!

  5. Have to try the magic pouch with the two zippers. Twice the zips - that will help you reduce your stash of zipper pulls. Great job on DS2's curtains.

  6. Magic pouch, eh? ;). I'll have to check that pattern out next! I love making pouches. They make such great gifts. Glad you have a nice cool place to sew and are keeping busy. It still hasn't warmed up here.

  7. Those curtains look nice and the magic pouch sounds very clever :)

  8. Magic pouch on the list for when Jackie gets here (just two more sleeps!!!). I made a friend's son a thomas the tank engine pillowcase when he went to uni ten years ago - his mum tells me he still uses it!!!!!

  9. those curtains are fab! I hate making curtains. The Magic Pouch is genius! Though I'd have both zips open and be wondering why everything fell out!


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