Monday, June 12, 2017

Here, fishy fishy fishy :D

I bought this pattern from Craftsy a while ago, and finally got around to trying it :)  There was a bit of a problem with the instructions so I let the designer know, and she's working on making some changes to the pattern :)  In the interim, I used her pattern and my own construction techniques, to finish my version of the bag.  She designed it as a backback - I did a drawstring bag.  Her version was unlined - mine is completely lined, with no raw edges.  My fins and tail are quilted (I think hers are as well - I can't recall).  The batiky fabric is from my most recent Stateside run - I posted it here - it's one of the remnants in the top photo :D  She's lined with muslin :)

Fishy drawstring bag - pattern by ThimbleChaser Crafts at Craftsy :)

Another view ...

Here's a close-up of her (somewhat uneven, lol) tail - I quilted it with batting and embroidery thread - it has a little bit of a glimmer to it!  The fins are quilted in a similar manner :)
I have the fabric picked out for 2 more of these bags - hopefully I can get them finished up this week :)  This will get posted to Celtic Thistle Stitches for the June New to Me linky party when it goes live, and I posted it to a new blog/linky combo I recently found - the challenge for June is an animal bag, and I think this qualifies ;) 

Posted to:  Taschen Sew Along 2017 - June linky party is here and here (both links go to the same linky, which is co-hosted by 2 bloggers - and


  1. Adorable! I love this fishy bag! Great job!

  2. Interesting changes! You're gonna have to write a tutorial for us to add that lining and such.

  3. that's cute! How can you sell a pattern for an UNLINED bag?? Lining is so easy, and makes it look professional.


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