Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Magic Pouch and a fishy bag :D

  It's a good day for sewing - it was pouring rain this morning so I couldn't go out for a walk - I headed down to the dungeon and got a couple of projects finished :D  I cut them both out yesterday and got them prepped for construction, so all I had to do was sit down and sew :D  That's my idea of a great way to start the day!

Up first is my 2nd fish drawstring bag :)  I posted my first one here .  As with my first one, I changed up the backpack pattern and made it as a drawstring bag, fully lined, with no raw edges.  This time around I took some photos during construction because someone *grins and looks @ Barbara* asked how I did it.  Will post them separately - sometimes housework has to come first, despite my sincere belief that it shouldn't :D

Here's a close-up picture - the fabrics are from the same line (from Fabricland) but in slightly different colourways.  I bought a meter of each, with the intention of making several bags - a miscut ensued and I think I can only get one more bag out of the leftovers, LOL.  Measure twice, cut once - it's not just for construction workers, haha.  At least I have pretty scraps to use up now!  ;)

The other new-to-me project that I completed recently, was a Magic Pouch.  I enjoyed the first one so much that I immediately made a 2nd one - they're posted here.  This morning I whipped up a 3rd one, using some sweet Laurel Burch fabric :)   This time around I used 2 different coloured zippers, and batiks to match (I had everything in stash).  Here are the prints I used ...

... and here's the finished bag.  This time around I accounted for the directional print by turning the back upside down so that when the bag is flipped to access the 2nd zippered section, the print will be right side up for that side.  This is the turquoise blue side ...

... and this is the purple side.

I couldn't figure out what setting to use on the camera to get a close-up of the tiny little zipper pull - this was as good as I could get.  Those are little antique brass charms from Ebay - I got them in several colours.  This one is pink with purple, and the other side (I tried and just couldn't get a proper photo) is blue and green, I think.  This bag is a birthday gift so I got it shipped off this morning :)

Both of these bags will be posted to the Taschen Sew Along for June - the theme is animal bags ... and I think these qualify :D  The fish bag has been uploaded to the June New to Me linky party @ Celtic Thistle Stitches :)


  1. Oooh I think that's my favourite!!!! Xxx

  2. A great New to Me Sandra, you are really earning that novelty pouch factory moniker these days :)


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