Saturday, June 24, 2017

Skellies :)

I have a great-nephew that loves skeletons :)  I've been watching for a while, for skeleton fabric that isn't too scary, that's a reasonable price, and for which shipping isn't a bony arm and leg.  I recently found exactly what I was looking for, from a new-to-me Canadian quilt store :)  Their flat rate for Canadian orders under $75, is $5 - that's a BARGAIN, as my fellow Canadians well know :D

Here's what I made with part of my first purchase - the print skeletons go in all directions so no matter how the pillow is placed, there will be right-sides-up skellies :D  Notice the orange clothespins holding the case on the clothesline - I thought they would be the most appropriate colour choice :D

Skeleton pillowcase :)

Close-up of the skeleton fabric :)

While this is planned for a pre-Halloween gift, I'll get it to the recipient the next time I send a package or the next time that a family member visits (anything to avoid paying Canada Post's pirate rates, ARGGGGHHHH [that's a pirate groan, if you couldn't tell :D] :)  I'd like him to be able to use it whenever he wants, without waiting until Halloween!  :)  I have enough scraps left over of each print, to make a couple of zipper bags - maybe he'll even get a zippy with his pillowcase, lol :)


  1. The US postal rates are beginning to rival Canada Post. It's very discouraging. Loving the pillowcase, and so will he!

  2. I love that skeleton fabric. And exorbitant mail rates are worth it just to get happy mail --just sayin'

  3. These skeletons are so cute! sure to be greatly loved!

  4. What an unusual passion - you did well!


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