Friday, June 9, 2017

It's strawberry season :)

I'm all in favour of strawberries in any form - even the non-berry type!  One of my sewy friends asked me if I had a spare ankle for a low shank machine - her friend and co-worker has just taken up sewing, and ordered some snap-on feet for her machine, without realizing that she would need an ankle for them. As it happens, I had a spare ;)  I'll give it to my friend tonight when we meet up for ladies night out - dinner @ Swiss Chalet, and a visit to Fabricland for their 50% off sale.  We party hard, you know!  And raucous - oh yes we get raucous!  (No we don't, LOL).  I thought I would make a little bag (an earbud pouch) to hold the ankle, and maybe give the recipient an idea for a future and very simple project?  One must encourage new sewers in their endeavours, you know!  :)

Strawberry pouch completed :)

Close-up of strawberry zipper pull :)

Back of bag - I added the ribbon embellishment for a specific reason ...

Close-up of the ribbon embellishment (sorry it's not very clear)

These are the goodies I tucked inside - the ankle + screw (bottom), and some cotton ribbon embellishments for fun.  I put one on the back of the bag so the recipient would have an idea of what she could do with them :)

Miss N - I hope you like your little surprise - I had a lot of fun making it :)

Edited an hour(ish) later - I packed the gift in this bag for presentation purposes - I had it in stash, and it's exactly the right shape and size - very serendipitous :D

Floral gift bag - after all - a gift MUST be presented properly attired!  ;)


  1. You are a wonderful kind Wonder Woman! She was thrilled and so happy to continue her sewing adventures!

  2. I thought it rather appropriate that I used fabric that ... hopefully you noticed ... you gave me a couple of years ago!!!!!!!

  3. Now that is just too nice of you--I am really too nice! You're giving something away and wrap it in two more beautiful gifts? The only thing that could make this more Canadians would be if you apologized as you handed it to her for not also boxing it up. Ah, so good to have Canada next door, especially right now.

  4. That was a fab goodie bag! Love the purse! Looks like a few more victims over to the dark (other shades and designs also available) side! Yay!!!!' Hope the half price sale went well xxxx

  5. Gifts, gifts, and more gifts beautifully presented. I have never heard of an ankle as regards a sewing machine.

  6. Oh Sandra what a doll you are - you don't just say yes and give it to her, you make an occasion of it, I love it! What a thrill she'll get. I hope you have a wonderful time, remember I'm too far away to bail you out.....oh wait, I see you already went, I'm late, lol!

  7. What a wonderful presentation! I'm sure that she loved all of the extra goodies!

  8. Thankfully, I've never needed a spare ankle. Although, when my sis was out in January with a broken ankle...
    actually , her broken ankle came in handy as we were doing a huge family intervention then and you can't kick someone with a broken ankle to the curb.
    (And I would like to add, things are looking up in the family department).


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