Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Theme: Zippies of the Sea :)

Another theme set - I had a LOT of scraps and bits and pieces for this set, that's for sure!  After lots of sewing, lots of batiks for lining, and lots of zippers, I came up with this collection - I call it Zippies of the Sea :D

Here's a close-up of the dolphin keychain I used for the zipper pull on this dolphin bag :)

This drawstring bag looks much better in person than in this photo - the muslin bag doesn't show well against my white sheet on a piece of foam insulation .. I mean my fancy schmancy display board :D 

Here's a close-up of the fishy insert - I found 5 little charms (maybe 3" square each?), patchworked 4 of them into a strip for an insert, then prairie pointed the last square for a little "tag" on the side of the bag :) 

... and a bag to hold them all :D
I just realized something --- as I was naming the photos, I called the series "Fishies of the Sea" ... but it's supposed to be Zippies of the Sea, lol.  Both are actually appropriate for this set :D  This entire collection is going to Blue Hills - and now that I have the photos done, I can deliver it tonight at aquafit :)


  1. Aquafit is a good place to deliver these, lol - love them all, especially that dolphin key chain, totally perfect! You find the best fabrics, girl. Zippies of the Sea, love it!

  2. There are some gorgeous fabrics in that collection - in particular, the one with the green background, and the one with the black background. Great going!!!

  3. Lots of eye candy here. I especially like those little triangular tabs. The one made of striped fabric matching the colorful fish on white background would be in my hand if found at any craft fair. While it is so nice of you to donate so much, you really should consider doing a craft fair or two a year. Your stuff is beautiful and you CHURN IT OUT!

  4. I hope Amanda is taking a van to Aquafit or she has no hope of fitting in all these zippies!!

  5. Lots of lovely goodies there - well done, I bet they go down well!!!

  6. I am totally stealing your idea of adding a prairie point to my next zippy. Benta once made a quilt with pinwheels of prairie points. (she also bound it in prairie points - so not going there) I stole her pinwheel idea when making a baby quilt.

  7. Wendy's comment made me laugh! This is a fantastic selection :)

  8. I love your zippies of the sea collection! They're all so great! I'm really in a mood to make some pouches, but I have to finish up a few other things first!


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