Thursday, May 25, 2017

More pictures :D

Earlier I posted fabric shopping pictures from our recent trip to New York - here are the last few photos that I didn't have time to get uploaded :D  It does take a while to photograph 30 meters of fabric  (she says with an embarrassed self-deprecating grimace!)!

Why yes - I *do* like polka dots!  In lime green, pink, grey, yellow and blue with cherries, thank you very much!  ;)
150cm (60") wide denim, Osnaburg (lovely fabric - great for gift bags - very textural) and polka dots with cherries :)
A buncha buttons for .50c a card - score :)  Most are acrylic/plastic ... the purple ones in the middle row are ceramic, and the bottom item is a package of studs that was .27c @ Hobby Lobby :D

7 different colours of a product called Oly-fun - on clearance for .97c per pack of 3 sheets :)  I'm planning on using these for finger puppets - they''ll fit beautifully into envelopes so I can send these to the kids as a surprise!   

And now - something you were never interested in waiting for .... proof that I am, in fact, a 12 year old boy :)  This is my favourite purchase from the trip, and one that guarantees eye rolls from my children.  I can't wait to wear it in the hot tub after aquafit, LOL!

That concludes the shopping portion of our blog post today - up next will be project finishes from the last little while :D  If only pesky housework and real life stuff wouldn't interfere with internet fun!  ;)


  1. It is a parent's role to embarrass their children isn't it Sandra?? You are doing a great job with that purchase :)

  2. Yay you took pics - I love the Jaws fabric, and the one you got to go with it is perfect!! Oh my golly poop shades.....LMBO - you are such a hoot!!!!!!

  3. If only they allowed photos in the gym's hot tub area.

    I am also a polka dot fan. I suspect is stems from my childhood love of Little Dot comic books. (Yes, comic books thereby confirming that I am as old as dirt.)

  4. Oooh, fab goodies - apart from the glasses??? I bet the grands love them!

  5. I've never heard of or seen Oly-fun before. I'll have to look for it the next time I'm at JoAnn's or wherever, just to see what it is like. I love when you make finger puppets :)


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