Thursday, May 25, 2017

I have peeeeeeeeeectures :)

Hubby and I went for a mini vacation in New York a few days ago - we spent time in Watertown - shopping, and visiting my brother, sister-in-law and nephew ... then we headed to Clifton Park to visit our friends Barbara (Baye Leaf) and Brian, for chatting and shopping and eats and more shopping.  I wish we'd had more time because Barbara and I would have played sewing machine - I wanted us to make a fishy bag together.  Next time!

I managed to pick up 33 yards (30 meters) of fabric during our short visit.  Then there was a bolt of iron-on interfacing, 2 queen size quilt batts, some pretty buttons, some rope for baskets (inspired by Kathy, who has been making awesome rope baskets!) I didn't manage to find cotton rope so I bought something similar, just to try the craft.  If I enjoy it I'll hit Ace Hardware the next time we go Stateside, and nab some :)

Here are some of the bits and pieces I got - most of them were on sale, of course :D  I will admit that the turquoisey blue Jaws print was my favourite purchase of all of them - I don't even know what I'm going to make with it (or it might just ripen in stash for a long time!) but I had to have it - JAWS FABRIC!  What a world we live in, lolol!


Fat quarters

My favourite of all my purchases - the Jaws print with a Keepsake Calico that works *perfectly* with it :)

Close-up of Jaws :D

Close-up of Jaws boat print :D

Jaws boat print :)

Pokemon print for pillowcase, with the turquoisey blue print I grabbed for the cuff

GIRL POWER!  Girl superhero fabric - why isn't there more of this around?!  Girls *are* superheroes!

OK I have to go get some housework done - it's a rainy grey drizzly day - perfect weather for staying inside and playing with the new fabric cleaning and doing housework :D


  1. And it was, indeed, a lovely visit. Thanks for coming down and spending the day. While sewing didn't happen, I was able to snag some good ideas from you along with good company at four fabric shopping stops.

    May I just say that the jaws fabric matched with the Keepsake Quilting one is even more beautiful in person? We'll I'm sayin' it!

  2. Wow! Great fabric stash! I love the girlpower fabric the best :D Have fun playing with the new fabrics!!! Hugs!

  3. 30 metres?? That will keep you busy :)

  4. Oh you did pick up some great pieces! Well done xxx

  5. Time spent with a friend, and fabric purchases - what could be better.

  6. Fabric shopping with friends is always about who is a better enabler. Glad you found some rope to play with. I was very restrained on my trip. One tiny fat quarter that goes with a dog sledding alaskan print I got via a trade a few months ago.
    Have fun petting your new fabric.

  7. ooooh, good haul! I look forward to seeing your rope bowl, they're really fun to sew. I'm not sure it matters whether it's cotton or not....

  8. Wow, I've really missed a lot of posts while the school year was finishing up and I was taking beginning of my summer vacations! After seeing all of the fabric you picked up on your trip, I feel much better about the amount of fabrics I bought on a road trip in the last couple of days :) I can't wait to see what you make with all of your fabrics!


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