Monday, May 29, 2017

Lots 'o pictures :D

I'm seeing my Blue Hills contacts tonight for aquafit, so this was a good time to get some finishes photographed so I could pack them up to deliver :D  Here's a random collection of projects I've finished up that hadn't made it to the photography stage yet, hehe.

More carrot zipper pouches :D

6 flickies for Blue Hills :)

I was trying to use up the last of this pickle fabric and managed to finish this front zip pouch  :)  I tucked some extra dental supplies into this one :D
Composition Book Cover with crochet flowers embellishment :D

 Using up scraps sometimes results in 5 drawstring gift bags :D  The 3rd and 4th ones were made with Osnaburg for the main, which is a fabric I recently discovered @ Joanns, and quite like :D  

Envelope style elephants pillowcases, using up a long ago purchase of fabric from a Joanns sale :D

Here's a close-up of the envelope closure :D

More pix to come, if the sun stays out :D  We have rain in the forecast but the weather network site tells me I still have several hours before it arrives.  I have a load of clothes on the line and another load ready to go out - I hope the forecast is correct ;)

Oh!  A bonus picture!  Here's my rhubarb last weekend before we headed out for our little USA holiday --- I wanted hubby to pick it before we left, so I could get it into the freezer, but he wanted to wait.  It's even taller now, lol.

LOVE me some rhubarb!  Some of this harvest is destined for our dinner table in 2 days, when the kids come for supper -- rhubarb strawberry sauce (for them to take home), and rhubarb cake are on the menu - YUM :)


  1. You are on a roll. Are flickies the same as taggies?

  2. Carrot pouches!!!!!!! Wow you're amazing, girl, do you watch tv at all while you sew? Wish I had your energy.

  3. those carrot pouches are adorable!!

  4. Yay for envelope closure pillow cases! Xxx

  5. I hope to have at least this many finishes over the summer!


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