Monday, May 29, 2017

Theme: construction :)

I'm having a lot of fun using up my collection of themed fabric scraps ... here's my latest set :D  It's too cloudy outside right now to get good pix on the clothesline, so into the dungeon I headed :D  Hopefully "autocorrect" at has brightened up the pictures enough :D

These projects were made from a bag of leftovers that one of my sewy friends gifted me with (thanks Chris!) ... and as I took the photos, I found a glaring error in one of the bags, arghhh.  I don't think everyone would notice it, but once I did, it was all I could see, lol!

Two composition book covers :)

Close-up of the cute print :)

GLARING ERROR! GLARING ERROR!  I pieced the directional print to avoid this problem - then stitched the Frankensteined pieces together incorrectly - what a dodo bird I am, lol!  And I didn't even notice it until I posed the bag for the camera >:(  Oh well - it's still a cute bag, and whichever kiddo gets gifted the bag, likely won't throw it against the wall in horror :D  So - we'll just label this photo ... boxy and zipper bags and I'll pretend that I know how to work with directional fabrics :D

5 little zipper bags, standing in a row ... :)

... and a (construction) bag to hold them all!

I'm very pleased with this set, and hope that the contents make someone, or a few someones, smile :)  Amanda - this is comin' your way tonight!  :)


  1. I had to look hard to see the upside down shoes - wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out. The recipient probably won't notice either. Love the combination of fabrics - the brown/ yellow with the blue.

  2. Always nice to see ideas for boy stuff! Should have done these for all the tiny cars and such my two had when they were little. Pouches may have made it more likely that these toys were put away rather than creating walking hazards all over the house!

  3. Wow wonderful - and I had to look close to see it too, that's why I try to avoid directional prints, I'll do it every time!

  4. I don't think any kiddo will notice!!! I made book covers - and cut the first one too small!!!! Pooh! Added a strip of fabric, hope I've got away with it!!!

  5. This is a great set! I definitely do not think that anyone who gets the pouch will even notice!


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