Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year :)

Like most people, I got quite busy at Christmas/New Years so I haven't had a chance to post until now! I hope everyone had a happy and safe Christmas and New Year, and that Santa was good to you ;) December 31 and January 1 are sad days for my husband's family and mine, as we each lost a special family member on that day (1998 and 2008). I don't want to get mopey, so RIP Brian and Estella ... we miss you.

For my Christmas present my husband took me to New York (Niagara Falls area) for a bit of a fabric shopping trip - we left on January 2 and came back the next day. Left the kids at home, of course ;) Hubby got a call from work on the Friday - they wanted to know if he could come in to do a shift on the weekend (that particular person didn't know he was in New York) - he was able to send our oldest son instead - how cool is that! How convenient that said son has his own truck so getting to and from work wasn't a problem :D

I've posted pictures of the goodies I bought Stateside - such fun I had buying that stuff :D

Enjoy the pics!

Sandra :)


  1. Happy New Year!!
    You certainly found some wonderful fabrics! One of these days I've got to make the trek over the border and check out the fabric stores!

  2. ou got some really cute fabrics...again, will you shop for me? Glad you had fun. Loading stuff into crockpot..yak atcha later!

  3. Looks like my kind of Christmas fabrics. I love the "quirky" ones. You'll have to come visit this way sometime. I'll bring you to all the shops here!

  4. very cute fabrics....

    have a great day

    hot cajun

  5. SOMEwhere in my house is some fabric for you, SPECIAL fabric, that I LOST.

    Perhaps I'm saving it for when I make that first quilt instead!


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