Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's in the bag ... or the case! ;)

My psoriasis is flaring up like a son of a ***** - the heavy duty medication I started taking in October isn't working at all, so it's back to the dermie next week - I guess to try something else *sigh*. Getting tired of this crap - nothing is working, and the problem is getting worse! Sometimes it's so bad I can't walk, and sometimes I can't do much with my hands because they're too raw. 'nuff about that - there are people out there with far worse problems, so I try not to complain too much! But once in a while I start feeling sorry for myself - I whine for a while, then I buck up and get over it :D I'm in the whining stage right now, LOLOL.

Here's what I've finished up so far this month - some snowflake gift bags, and a pillowcase :) I also got some cage quilts finished, but they all look the same and I've posted many pics of them, so just take my word for it - they're cute, they bust stash, and they'll make some 4 legged critters feel comfy :) January's quilts are going to Kate and Me Cat Rescue, a local group who provided my friend Linda with her little kitty Punkin :)


  1. Oh, I do hope they can find something to help you!! I can imagine how sore that must be sometimes!!

  2. What great pillow cases and bags. Here's hoping you feel better soon!

  3. Hoping you'll get some help soon...but you don't seem to have slowed down! I'm still at the planning stages of projects for 2009!/Rae

  4. its ok to feel sorry about yourself sometimes,

    polar bear hugs to you

    Cinnober Rose

  5. Sandra: My son has psoriasis all over his body.......I feel so badly for's really changed his personality...however, we changed dematologists, and she put him on's working so good. He started on it in April, I think, and the psoriasis is completely gone......and his personality is coming back. It is very expensive tho........fortunately he has good insurance with his job. Pam


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