Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My eyes are watering!

HOLY CRAP I sat down to post some pictures just as my 19 year old got home from work. He's going back out so I went in to get him a little snack, but I had to scuttle quickly from the kitchen because the smell of his stinky feet is making my eyes water! I can see the snail trails of foot sweat he's leaving across my kitchen floor - good grief what a stench!!!

Here are a few projects I've finished lately - some gift bags, beer pillowcases and a quilt I'm working on for a special young man (the one with the stinking feet, LOL) :D

BTW - he doesn't know about the quilt and he doesn't read my blog, so to the family members that DO read my blog - don't mention it on Facebook, LOL!!


  1. Looking good....he will love it and that beer fabric...awesome.

  2. Well, I hope the boy with the stinky feet loves those beer pillow cases. (You're so funny!) Maybe I should make the boy with the stinky feet that lives in my house some beer pillow cases too. He just turned 21(legal drinking age in Hawaii) on the 7th of this month and he sure is drinking a good amount of beer, just because he can. I know that he'd get a kick out of these too. Take care!


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