Thursday, January 15, 2009

Teaching hubby a lesson :D

Me, upon hearing oven beep: Can you please come take the brownies out of the oven so I can test them? (psoriasis hands, I don't want to risk dropping the pan)
He: OK. (and he takes it out for me)
Me, after testing: Can you please put this back in - they're not done yet.
Him, in disbelief: How long were they in for?
Me, wondering wtf his problem is: 23 minutes.
Him, still in disbelief: How long are they SUPPOSED to cook for???!!
Me, ready to poke HIM with the toothpick: 23-28 minutes!!! GLARE!!!

5 minutes later, as oven is beeping:

Me: Can you please come take the brownies out again?
Him: Total silence - cos he's smart, and he LEARNED, lolol.

Brownies were done to perfection at the 28 minute mark, and hopefully he learned a lesson - don't question my cooking skills when there are hot pans of brownies in my vicinity, or you might end up WEARING them!!

OK, it wasn't really THAT bad, but he was actually surprised that the brownies weren't done the first time the oven beeped --- WEIRD!!! Anyways - the brownies worked out deliciously - I'll definitely be making THAT recipe again! What a nice supper we had tonight - chicken stew and dumplings, cheese bread and latte bars. Thanks, Lisa, from The Cutting Edge of Ordinary, for such a great - and EASY!!! - brownie recipe :)


  1. oh yummy that looks. hehe, hubs.

  2. You really need to send me the recipe for the Chicken Stew. I have just the pot to cook it in. lol!!! Kim would probably love that. Looks yummy!!!

  3. do you use espresso powder? or sub something else?

  4. I couldn't help but laugh reading that story -- men sometimes really do NOT get it at all!
    Hope your hands are feeling a whole lot better soon!
    That does all look quite delicious.

  5. Holy cow that brownie pan she's got over there is amazing. I love the edges. Hubby loves the middle so it works out. But still - looks so good.

  6. Good job on lesson! Your dinner looks delish!

  7. Hilarious!! My hubby has decided he is a better cook than I am. I say prove it! After 36 years of marriage, no longer can I cook fish, steak, bacon...only chocolate chip cookies and I don't do that often enough. Gotta love 'em, cuz ya can't shoot em. Yummy looking dinner.


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