Sunday, August 22, 2010

A few small finishes, and a "flimsy" ;)

Quilt top (flimsy!) for a bun that's almost done cooking in the oven ... to be backed with a minty green minky-type fabric - I have enough fabric left in these prints to make some small gifts to go with the quilt - I'm thinking a taggy blanket, a pair of slippers (if I can figure out how to make them, lol) and a crocodile stuffy :)

./insert mini rant:  I HATE BLOGGER "formatting".  I can't get it to post the proper text beside the proper photo, and "wysiwyg" formatting is BS, because wis is definitely not wig.  BLECH.   ./end mini rant

A few small finishes - the Halloween fabric was a large scrap given to me by Nancy ... and I made these zipper bags to use up the last of this pink floral fabric - the flamingo bag is lined with the same floral. 


  1. I love the rounded bottom on the zipper bags and the pretty fabric!

  2. Adorable little quilt!

  3. Very very cute~! I've added bibs to the list of stuff I need to make. Charlie was wearing one of your bibs the other day... meant to take a pic but couldn't find my camera!


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