Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kitty in a basket :)

The gorgeous Miss Hermione :)

Hey Deb - do these fabrics look familiar??!!  ;)

Hey Nanc - do these look familiar? LOL!

Miss Hermione, the gorgeous kitty posing seductively in a basket, is the owner and boss (hehe) of my friend Allie in Michigan :)  Zoomer thinks H is HOT, but truthfully, given the choice between [a date with the seductress] and [a bowl of kibble], he'd pick kibble.  I didn't say he was a SMART cat!

The zipper bags are recent finishes using some scrap fabric that was gifted to me by a friend in Arizona - hi Deb!  The pillowcase fabrics came from my friend up the street - hi, Nanc!  I also have some gift bags finished but I need to find something to stuff them with so I can photograph them nicely :D 


  1. Trust me, Hermione would have no respect for Z if he didn't go for the kibble first...a cat after her own heart. She took kibble over birds in the window today.

    Is it strange that I can't see a zipper without thinking of you? Love your new background!

  2. I, too, love the new background. Very fitting for your blog.

    Miss Hermione knows a good spot when she sees one! I bought my cats little beds and cat scratching posts with nooks to hide in that were never touched. Some basket or pile of clothing not meant for the kitty would be where I'd find them. I miss having cats around! Interesting little beasts for sure.

  3. I forgot to add that I'm in love with that bear fabric. I have a few yards in the stash that I couldn't figure out what to do with. You've got my creative juices flowing. There will be a bear something soon. Thanks!

  4. Your zipper bags are cute as always but this time I think kitty is the winner. LOLL


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