Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New bag design :)

I love this tutorial by Jeni of In Color Order - what a gorgeous bag!  Will definitely be making more of these :)

Here are a couple of (birthday) gifts I've completed in the last few days :)  The baskets are based on the Pink Penguin fabric basket tutorial.

Dessert, anyone?

Puppies :)

My basket construction notes:   rough cut to 10 1/2 x 13, quilt, trim to 10x12.5 outer, 10x12.25 lining.  Handles 3.5x7, boxed bottom measured from seam = 1.25".  1/4" s.a. for box, 3/8" s.a. for the rest of the bag
Tall pouch - quilt, trim to 10.25" x 12.25".  Box bottom = 1.25" measured from seam.


  1. Wonderful, girl! That drawstring bag is awesome.

  2. Gorgeous. Those cake ones look good enough to eat. LOLLL Where do you find the time to sew so much?

  3. You just keep pumping them out girl...well done. Hugs Khris

  4. Love that drawstring bag. (You know you will see one on my blog soon, right?)

    The basket measurements should work with the baby gift I hope to finish today. I'm almost finished with the bibs and blanket. I took your advice and made a matching stuffie. Hopefully I will post that tonight or tomorrow! Thanks as always.

  5. delicious dessert - yes please.


  6. Very cute. Love the fabrics, and the shape of that drawstring bag is just great!

  7. When you say "based on Ayumi's tutorial", does this mean you got the lining right this time?? Such lovely makes. you are so generous with your time and sewing talent Sandra.


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