Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Sewing Contest entry :)

This is the bag set I completed for the Summer Sewing Contest @ Ellison Lane Quilts - per usual I wanted to get several more things done but ran out of time!


  1. What a bright, cheerful, summery set. I'm gonna have to make a set for traveling.

    Hey! I see some news on the side there. Congratulations of having two and 4/5 electricians in the house! I'll bet there is no lack of lighting in your sewing room;-}

  2. That sight is so pretty. I've seen it in person in your brightly-lit studio! Have lovely weekend, my friend! Travel safe!

  3. Beautiful, another 3. You're amazing. I've been trying to sew just one for the past 3 days and am getting nowhere fast. LOLLL

  4. very cheerful! Are you entering them in the Purse Palooza too?


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