Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pugs 'n other stuff :D

This is just precious!

Here are 2 sets of Canada Day bibs I got finished today - the two little ones are for twins, and the two bigger ones are for 2 older babies - nobody knows they're coming so they'll be a surprise :) 

A close-up of the fabric (from Fabricland) :)

And here are a couple of recent zipper bag finishes - the watermelon bag was a gift for a neighbour whose daughter was sick last week, and the skull one will likely go in my gift box :)

Tonight I tried a new-to-me tutorial - will post a photo tomorrow - it was very dark in the basement, lol.


  1. Aw, she's adorable - love the song - did you read at the end, it said she has a rare brain disorder, and that operating they might lose her, but she'll live a full and happy life. I like stories with a happy ending.

    Love your projects - those bibs are darling!

  2. That is a fun video... so cute.

    And so are the Canada Day bibs. The little ones are going to look adorable in them.

    Looking forward to seeing the lined draw string bag you made.

  3. That video is sooo cute! I'm off to try making a bib or two or three.

  4. That video is sooo cute! I'm off to try making a bib or two or three.

  5. Nobody knows the babies are coming?? So how do you know they're coming? Oh wait, Sandra, are you preggers??

    Those bibs are adorable!


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