Saturday, October 1, 2016

Christmas sewing ... and bags for Bag It! :D

Now that Christmas is getting closer I hope to be able to spend more time sewing ... just in time for Bag It! from Elm Street Quilts!  If you like to sew bags, or if you want to learn how to sew some fun new designs, you should check it out :)   There are prizes to be won, and links to fun new blogs and tutorials - I use this as a challenge (and excuse) to make more bags :D  This blog post alone has 6 bags that were made during the challenge period (2 of these 8 were made prior to September 19) in it - my first bags for the challenge this year - that's a pretty good start!

Candy corn zippies ... for some friends :)

Santa Sack - for a lil guy who shall remain nameless :D
Based on this tutorial :)

Pleated Pouch for a friend - tutorial here :)

Close-up of the zipper pull for the grey pouch --- is that really a bra??  Why yes!  Yes it is! :) But what's that other thing above the bra??!  Could it be ... ohhhhhhhhh ...

Yep - panties!  The zipper pull is a bra and panties - someone obviously has a disturbed mind :D  Why yes!  Yes I do!  :)  If the recipient prefers something a bit less "out there", I put a note in the bag saying I'd make a new one for her, LOL :D

Strawberry zipper pouch - with beaded ribbon embellishment and strawberry zipper pull :)

I'm not sure if you can see the beading, but I added red and pink seed beads to some of the dots on the ribbon :)

Another pleated pouch :D

Acrylic teardrop zipper pull :)

Christmas stocking for He Who Shall Remain Nameless :)
Construction is based on this tutorial - I can't remember where I learned the technique originally, but back then (5+ years ago) it was called a Magic Stocking :)

Here's the back of the stocking - it's not pieced - it's just another print from that particular Dr. Seuss line, quilted on the diagonal like the front :)

The lining is another print from that series - I bought a set of FQ's years ago in Pennsylvania (hi, Mickie!  Hi, Shayme!) and am finally getting around to using them!  

Here's a closer view of the patchwork and quilting on the front :)

For Bag It!, 3 of the candy corn zippies, both pleated pouches and the Santa sack qualify for entry - 6 in total :D  OOPS!  Update Nov. 1/16 - I goofed up while posting to the Bag It linky party, and only the 3 candy corn bags are counted - 3, instead of 6, lol.  


  1. I keep missing your posts! I just check the box to get it by email--no idea why I didn't do it before. I've been counting on Bloglovin which has become utterly useless.

    It that a little triangular cloth zipper hold on the red check??

  2. Awesome projects!! The candy corn ones I might make for hte grandieskids. Love the dinasour fabric, that will be a much loved quilt! Seamus and I are waving back at you and that cool stocking!!! Hugs, Mickie

  3. More great bags/pouches. I love the variety and quirkiness of your makes :)

  4. Am exhausted just looking at all your makes. Love the pleated pouches and the cool zipper pull on the first. Who wouldn't love it?

  5. i love the pleated pouches and I love the bra and knickers zip pulls! Can't bring myself to say panties, it sounds wrong in an English English accent! I'm wondering if the stocking and sack are for a little boy called Nash? I know, spooky that I knew that, eh?

  6. Lovely pouches! I love the candy corn - but what IS candy corn?????

  7. What cute candy corn bags! - thanks for linking up to Elm Street Quilts Bag It!


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