Monday, October 31, 2016

OMG for October - progress report :D

Earlier this month I decided to try out the OMG challenge/linky, to get some projects done that have been planned in my mind, but not even started.  I decided on a dino D9P quilt - here's what I posted as my goal for this month:
"For October I'd like to get started on a toddler size Disappearing 9 Patch (D9) quilt with some fabric I bought on sale a few years ago ;)  Since October is a big month for Christmas sewing, I'll aim for cutting out the block pieces, and assembling some of the blocks (4 maybe?)."

I'm happy to report that I achieved - and even surpassed - my goal, and finally cut into the fabrics and got started on a quilt :)

One of the D9P (Disappearing 9 Patch) blocks :)

I got 7!!! blocks done!  So pleased :D
Because I was doing a lot of Halloween and Christmas sewing earlier this month (plus I've been feeling not-so-well :D) I set my goal low - to cut out the blocks, and to MAYBE get 4 done.  I did get the fabric cut (81 X 6.5" squares - not exactly the most time-consuming of goals, lol) and got 7 of the 9 blocks needed, assembled.  The other 2 are laid out on the cutting table ready for stitching - after everything is cut, each block takes less than 1/2 hour - it's very VERY simple sewing, with very little matching needed ... which is why I like the block so much, lol.  

I'm definitely joining OMG again next month - Heidi's non-aggressive KITB (kick in the butt!) is just what I need - especially at this crazy busy time of the year.  Thanks Heidi!

Posting this to the October OMG finish linky party :)


  1. This is adorable!! I LOVE your fabric- new or old! Great work on your OMG- it's fun, isn't it!

  2. Well done on achieving the goal! The fabric is so cute, my nephew loves dinosaurs! I don't like hearing that you've been ill, nothing serious I hope?

  3. Very nice! Love the colors. Hope your cold/ear infections things at least start moving in the right direction!

  4. Lovely and bright! Niece has asked for dinosaur stuff for great nephew for Christmas but as i was specifically asked not to make quilts when he snd his twin sister were born I don't suppose I'll be making anything like this!!!!

  5. Bright fun colours, and what little kid doesn't love dinosaurs.


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