Sunday, October 2, 2016

Halloween sewing :)

I'm alternating Christmas and Halloween sewing, because thanks to the internet, there are approximately 87,479,461 (and counting) free crafty tutorials available for us to look at, and I'm trying to catch at least a glimpse of all most lots of them :D  To that end, I'm working on Christmas gifts AND Halloween goodies - and here's what I finished up today  :)

 First up are some hand puppets along with a Halloween book, and a drawstring bag to hold everything for presentation :D  Links:
Ghost Tutorial/instructions
Ghost Pattern page 1
Ghost pattern page 2
Skeleton Tutorial/instructions
Skeleton Pattern page 1
Skeleton Pattern page 2

I did "hax0r" the tutorials a bit to change these from softies to puppets :)  I also resized the pattern to 75% to make it work for a little guy :)

My 2nd Halloween gift is for a baby (not quite 1).  I made him 4 Halloween fabric "taggy" triangle bean bags, along with a drawstring bag to hold them.   I'll be tucking a card into each bag, and some candy into the puppet bag :D

For those of you who make Halloween gifties for the little ones - what do you make, and for what age range?  I'm sewing for kids age almost 1 ... to 8 :)

Oh - I forgot!  I'm making the puppet recipient some pumpkin spice scented play dough - I found some recipes on Pinterest that I want to try out.  I thought I would include a pumpkin cookie cutter with the playdough :D

Posting the two drawstring bags to Bag It! 2016 :)


  1. Those are great gifts!!! I love the taggy triangles for the baby, great idea!!! I think the kids will go nuts for these!!! :) hugs, Mickie

  2. Spicy play dough? You think of everything! The bag of taggies is also a great, great idea. Even making flat ones would be great for teaching kids shapes. Oh, why do you make so much work for me? Agnes is just about the age for learning shapes. I see an xmas gift in the making there.

  3. The taggy bean bags are a great idea Sandra, what a source of inspiration you are :)

  4. These are super cute Halloween gifts! As always, somehow I probably would not manage to get around to actually getting things like this done. Although, I had thought about making my niece/nephews just some basic Halloween totes ... don't know if I'd get those done, either (I haven't had my act together at all, for a while now)

  5. Only 87,479,461? I expect you've made most of them already! I love your little ghost and skeleton puppets and your pouches are cute too :)


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