Monday, October 31, 2016

Ninjas and Turkeys and Eunices and Humbugs and Bats - oh my!

Well!  I got some sewing done this month, despite the ear infection (that I'm fairly sure still hasn't cleared up) and the cold that followed and intermingled with said infection :D

I wasn't able to get anything New to Me completed for the October linky, but I did get all of my Halloween and Thanksgiving, and some of my Christmas sewing completed, so I'm ready for the October Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew party :)  Here are a few of the projects I finished up:

Trial run TMNT superhero cape to check sizing for a great nephew.  It's just right, so I'll be making Batman versions for his upcoming 5th birthday party!  Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da  da ... BATMAN!!!!!  That's from the 60's episodes because I'm old and I loved that show :)  I don't know if the TMNT have a jingle because I'm old :D

Thanksgiving bib for a great nephew for his first T-giving - happy turkey day, Nash!

3 Eunice bags - Christmas gifts for some family members.  I tucked goodies inside, and boxed 'em up - they've been delivered already :D  I did them in "boy" type fabrics for 3 members of the 2BC - 2 Boys Club :D  That would be the grandma, mom and auntie of 2 of my great nephews ;)  Just in case they ever - you know - have little guys around to play with?  :)

Close-up of the zipper pull on the vehicle bag :)

Close-up of the zipper pull on the airplane bag :D

Close-up of the zipper pull on the solar system bag :)

Some of the Halloween sewing I got finished - the bags in the back are humbug/triangle bags, and in the front we have some of the bat finger puppets I made (pattern here) - these are the ones with glitter embellishment :D
I made about 6 (or more?) skeleton hand puppets and more bat finger puppets for some little friends - I hope I took pictures - I need to check my camera :D

Posting to Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew for October!  Check out Fiona's Figgy Pudding Tea Towel tutorial - it's adorable - I think it would be adorable as an applique (3D, maybe?!) on a Christmas tote :D  And speaking of Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew ... I did the tutorial for September - a snowman drawstring bag - one of my bloggy buddies MADE MY BAG!!! and she won the prize for September - I am tickled pink black and white about that - congrats Kathy!

Also posted to Bag It! 2016 --- 3 Eunice and 2 humbug/triangle bags :D


  1. I spy airplane fabric. I might sew today as I am home with the coughing crud. I think I turned a corner last night as I woke up to a bit more energy. Thanks for the shout out .

  2. I love that Thanksgiving bib Sandra and those zipper pulls are just wonderful! Thanks for linking up to Ho,Ho,Ho too :)

  3. I am in love with the zipper pulls especially the traffic light one. There are gonna be some happy little people in your family/neighborhood!

  4. The zipper pulls are perfect for the bags! Great creations

  5. Love those bag - unique shape and fun fabrics - thanks for linking up to Elm Street Quilts Bag It!

  6. Fantastic presents! I love the super hero cape. Your family with be having fun holidays. I hope you are feeling better soon :)

  7. I've never seen those bags before! They are pretty cool, especially finished up with those awesome zipper pulls!


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