Monday, January 23, 2017

Sometimes - I hate Blogger >:(

A couple of days ago I started a post with photos of a set of bags I had completed from a bag of scraps I had in stash.  Today I sat down to finish the post, and as I usually do, I saved it frequently while I was working on it.  Strangely, I couldn't open a preview page, even though the screen showed that the saves WERE saving.  I hit publish, and apparently that caused black holes to form in the universe, because despite all the saving I did - Blogger erased all of my saved edits, sending the page back to the original few sentences and one picture.  Can't tell you how much I appreciate that, Blogger - I'm sure someone is chortling at their desk right now, enjoying my annoyance :D

Rather than redoing the post - which - obviously - would have been the Best.  Post.  Ever.  in the history of posts ;) - I'll just show you what I finished :D

Here are 8 of the items --- a tallish zipper pouch (back), earbud pouches and a wallet (middle), and 4 humbug/triangle bags (front).  I've linked the tutorials where I used them.

Here's a regular old scrappy pipper pouch (haha typo but I'm going to leave it because it made me laugh :D) ...

And here are 3 sets of bags from a design by Kristin Link of Sew Mama Sew.  She offered up a lovely no-raw-edges front zip pouch tutorial several years ago, then gave us a great bonus of a tutorial do make the bag in more sizes!  Both links are on my zipper tutorial page (here).

This whole collection is going with me to aquafit tonight, where I'll deliver it to my Blue Hills connection - aka my friend, neighbour and sewy buddy, Miss Amanda :D

Fingers crossed that the post will go up without more black holes being created ...


  1. Why is it always the best posts, lol!!! Wow what lovely gifts Sandra, you have the kindest heart!!!

  2. What gorgeous fabrics. Love the combinations! Beautiful pipper pouches!!!

  3. Love the fabrics, love the bags! Bad blogger! BAD BAD BAD! Stop messing with our Sandra! :) Miss you girl!

  4. Always so pretty. You do have an eye for fabrics and combinations. Hope you missed this ice storm were are cleaning up. The trees do, however look pretty covered in ice. Must go get some pics of it!

  5. wow Sandra these bags are amazing,well done.

  6. And the next time Blogger works just fine.... Thankfully, I try to remember it's free....
    Lovely pouches and you are obviously way more productive than me.

  7. I love that fabric with the polar bears on them! I've been trying to write a post in my blogger app since Sunday night and it keeps kicking me out - and I hadn't felt up to sitting at my computer. Blogger is just crazy all around.

  8. No black holes for this post. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Such cute things you make! Many Y E A R S ago I purchased that little triangle zip pouch pattern and now its plastered free all over the internet. Oh well. Now, repeat after me, "I love Blogger, I love Blogger".....

  9. You've been busy, busy, busy! Sometimes I get frustrated with blogger, too. And sometimes it's my laptop that screws up. XO

  10. I love the fabric combinations! Bet they will go down well!


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