Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Unofficial OMG for January ... and more finishes :)

I didn't get signed up for OMG for January but I did pick out a UFO quilt top, and got it finished.   It'll be my unofficial and successful invisible entry for January ;)  I don't even remember when I made the flimsy, but it certainly has been a few years!   I backed the quilt with dark grey flannel from stash, and had enough scraps left over for a couple of bibs.  This set will go to Blue Hills :)

A close-up of the bibs ...

... and a close-up of the fabrics (quilt has been washed, so that's why it looks kinda wrinkly).

A friend gave me a bunch of flannel scraps ... so I made bibs :)  I still have more bits and pieces to use up - quilt store flannel is SO much nicer than the regular fabric store stuff!  I'm talking to YOU, Fabricland, with your crappy pilly flannel!

17" x 17" dolly quilt - I had 8 X 6.5" squares bagged up in stash for several years - I finally grabbed a scrap piece of chenille for the center block, and whipped up the dolly quilt in under an hour :)

Large boxed bottom drawstring gift bag from a Joanns post-Christmas remnant purchase -- I call this ... Does a Bear **** in the Woods?  ;)  Play!  PLAY!  What were YOU thinking I meant?!  ;)

One of my favourite finishes for this month - I got a lovely Frosty the Snowman remnant at Joanns after Christmas :)   I was able to make a pillowcase for a great who will be moving into a bed near Christmas ... as well as 2 drawstring gift bags.  I didn't have so much as an INCH left of that fabric :D  The "pre-Christmas gift set" will include the pillowcase for the lil squirt, a Frosty the Snowman DVD for his older brother, and both pieces will be packed in a Frosty drawstring bag.  I'm very pleased with my finishes and with my gift set idea!  *Sandra pats herself on the back even though that's kinda weird* :)

I got quite a few pillowcases whipped up this month - they'll all be donated.  I just about froze my babushkas off getting these clothesline pictures today - brrrr!

Here are a couple of close-ups of the fabrics I used - it's hard to really see what they are from the group photo. 

Cupcakes fabric - from Hobby Lobby

Large dotty design - pillowcases are the reverse of each other :)
Nursery rhyme print :)
That's it for January - I'm shutting her down, and will go pick out an OMG project for February :D

NOT posting this to January's OMG - but I'll include the link so you can go look at what other people accomplished - that's where I'm headed in 3 ... 2 ... 1 :)


  1. These all look great and such a collection. You need a to hold a linky party called '100 Monthly Goals!' :D

  2. I seriously don't think you have time to sleep!!! Wonderful finishes, and great dedication to the blog photographing out in the snow. And Christmas sewing already - organisation A+

  3. What the hell?? Are you buying Ritalin from a street seller? How on earth are you getting so much done?!?

    Also, what is a flimsy? And, who do you think you are kidding with "play" as the insert word? Yeah, right. Anyone who has been reading your blog for even a month will know that should say fart.

  4. Everything is so cute, especially the little dolly quilt. I love the bibs, too! I am wondering what pattern you use for making yours - I'm sure there are a million tutorials out there, but this shape looks really nice!


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