Thursday, February 2, 2017

Flapping in the breeze :)

Current temperature outside = -6C (21F) ... my Babushkas were in mortal danger while I was outside in slip-on shoes (no socks) and a hoody, trying to get pictures of these pillowcases :D  But the sun was shining and it looked so lovely and crisp outside - I couldn't resist :D

In the last few days I finished off some fabric yardage that had been sitting in stash for quite a while.  I cut out 5 pillowcases, then gave the rest of the fabric to a friend, hoping she could use it (because by that point, I was really tired of that colour and those prints!).  I finished off the last of the cases last night - these will get donated.  5 meters of stash busted - not bad at all :)

5 little pillowcases hanging on the line ... none flew away and all are fine :)

I added lace trim to a couple of them :)

5 pretty pillowcases flapping in the breeze ...

... my toes were frozen so I ran before a sneeze :) 
Pardon the terrible TERRIBLE rhyme - I couldn't think of anything witty off the top of my head!

While I was out there taking pictures I somehow managed, because my fingers were frozen, to change the camera setting to the film setting, and accidentally got a few seconds of video, LOL.  Hopefully I can get this to work ... perhaps I'll be nominated for a video award ... or maybe NOT :D


  1. Those are really pretty and I love the rhyme and video :)

  2. I love seeing all of the cases flapping in the breeze! And, yay for busting so much stash with them!

  3. Hello my dear sweet Sandra!! How are you doing? I love these pillow cases and YOUR RHYMES--they both make me smile. Stay warm! BTW--Love the lace on the pillow cases!!

  4. Sandra, your video was amazing!!! :) I love your pillowcases! I applaud your bravery in going out to take pictures, it is soo cold out!

  5. No socks and you were outside in the snow!!! I'd have boots on with super thick socks... LOL!!! Great stash busting.

  6. Award-winning stash busting. I just seem to add to mine. No- actually, I was a very good girl about ten years ago. I went thru the stash and seriously weeded out three full boxes for donation (my various sewing groups). Feeling quite smug, I was dismayed when the fabric fairies tried to squeeze in four new boxes of fabric within six months. I learned my lesson.


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