Wednesday, February 22, 2017

La Grenouille ... or ... les grenouille? :)

 I have some bags of "sets" of scraps and pieces that go together - lots of them have been hanging around for a while, so I've been working on using them up, one bag at a time :D  This round was a collection of frog scraps/prints, which I paired with denim kids jeans from the thrift store (sale was $1/pair - a most excellent sale, to be sure!).  I got the last of the bags finished yesterday, and got some pictures outside today :)

Here are all 16 bags on my clothesline ...

and here they are tucked into a drawstring bag for "presentation" to the counselling center (all the bags are being donated).  I appliqued a batik frog onto muslin, and sized the bag fit all 15 zippies :D  Notice her beaded eyes - I think she's very cute :)  (free pattern here)

Here's the bag filled and tied ...

... a close-up of the applique - if you look closely you can see her lil topstitched mouth :)

I did 9 regular zipper bags, here ...

and here ...

and finally, here :)

They're all embellished a bit on the back with decorative stitching and cotton tags randomly chosen from stash, and stitched down :D

Last, but not least, the 7 earbud pouches :)

This concludes our visit with La Grenouille :D  Next up will be a visit with Ruffleless Duffle Bag #2 ... a Superhero version ... coming soon to a movie theater computer screen near you!  :)


  1. wow Sandra,such lovely finishes,you are very inspirational,love your finishes.

  2. Les grenouilles actually! These are fab and love the applique frog!

  3. Fabulous, Sandra, they are all so bright and colourful, what a wonderful idea!

  4. That appliquéd frog is adorable. Great finishes.

  5. Wow, oh wow! When I got to Tx in December, 12 zippered pouches to take back east in spring made from scraps was my goal. I completed 3, prepped 3 more, gave the first 3 away, and haven't touched them since. I'd better get busy! I love making the ear bud pouches. I enlarged them to accommodate the wireless ear buds and they came out great! Keep up the good work! You know your efforts are well appreciated! XO

  6. You are such a lovely and clever person!

  7. You make me feel so lazy, lol!!! Wow those are fantastic, they must love to see you coming in!


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