Sunday, February 12, 2017

I tried something new ... and duffle-y :)

I tried a new to me tutorial this week - while it's made from the tutorial for a Ruffle Duffle, mine is, as you can see, ruffle-less.  I modeled mine after this one that I found on Pinterest.  Hers does have ruffles, but it's more structured and streamlined than the original Ruffle Duffle, and the quilting is rather a star in her show :)  It's exactly what I wanted mine to look like, and I think I came pretty close!  Mine measures 13.5" wide X 7.5" tall x 8.5" deep - definitely bigger than a boxy :D

My favourite aspect of the Ruffle Duffle is the fact that it's made like a boxy bag, only larger, and with straps.  Most duffle bags, including the Cargo Duffle from Anna/Noodlehead, are made with a side pieces with a zippered gusset, or they're the kind with round ends.  I like making boxy bags, and have made many of them, so when I realized that the R.D. is made in a similar manner, I knew I would give it a whirl.  The size (much larger than any boxy I've made) was difficult to maneuver through my machine to quilt and to stitch.  It was hard to move a bulky firm piece of fabric around - mine is made with outer + batting + mid-weight interfacing + lining, so it got pretty awkward :)  Not undoable - just a bit difficultly doable ;)

While quilting sandwiches of those 4 layers - one for the front, one for the back, I didn't think to spray baste - I figured that once I got the first row of quilting done, the pieces would stay in place.  NOT SO.  They shifted, and I didn't notice until I had done the 4th row of quilting - the layers skewed by several inches, LOL.   Lesson learned :D

Two things I will change next time - I used 6" pieces of webbing for the tabs, when the instructions called for 3" tabs, HAHA *brain fart #1*  Mine are awkwardly long :)   Secondly, I won't forget to bind the bottom middle seam like I did on this bag *brain fart #2* - you can see it in the picture where someone with old hands broke into my sewing dungeon to hold the bag open :D  Tomorrow I'll make a fabric covered plastic canvas base for the bag - that'll give the bottom some extra stability, and cover my bewbew ;)

I love this bag, and I love the tutorial, and I already have a 2nd R.D. planned for a birthday coming later this month.  I showed this one to my husband and told him I was making one for ****** for his birthday - he got very quiet and said ... "But you'll use different fabric, right?", LOL.  Dennis, I promise I won't make it in pink for a young man who is soon to turn 9!!

Here are a few more photos I took during construction - when I realized that things were going quite well for me, I decided to document the progress a bit :D

The lining side of the bag during zipper install.

Apparently I thought the lining during construction, was very photograph-worthy!  ;)

OOH!  Finished bag - viewed from the side to show off it's lovely large boxy shape!

This side view shows off the pocket (there's one on both sides) and the kitty zipper pull I found in stash :D

Hello Kitty ribbon used to embellish the pockets :)

A close-up of the kitty zipper pull - notice the fish hanging from the bottom, hehe.

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  1. You know,-- we would never notice the bew-bews until you called attention to them. However, I do like your work-arounds to disguise them. Love the kitty pull.
    I did a fast sew today but the post won't appear until later this week. ( on IG though). In a blast of creativity last Sunday, I got four posts out of one day! I'm ahead for once.

  2. The duffel bag is a great shape and looks really sturdy too. It was definitely worth all that wrestling Sandra and think of how lovely and toned your arms are now. You should make sure they are in the next photos :)

  3. Sounds like a bit of a trial but it looks really professional now it's finished :)

  4. Soooo nice! I love everything about it. Some little girl is gonna be happy!

  5. A great shaped bag, a good size and gorgeous fabric - but maybe not for a 9 year old boy. Ha, ha... I love Dennis' reaction!

  6. Oh wow! That's fab well done! I think Denis needs one too!!!!!!!

  7. Bew-bews - I'm dying, lol! Love it. This turned out just adorable, Sandra, great size and I love that it has handles! Glad you're not making a pink one for that someone special, lol...

  8. This is a great bag! I don't think that I've ever seen this pattern before, but I'm definitely thinking that I need to make one for myself :)


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