Wednesday, February 8, 2017

... and this is how my sewing day started :D

My day :D

As I usually do, I opened a can of Diet Dr. Pepper and came down to the sewing dungeon to do some housework sewing.  I set the can down on my sewing table, turned on the iron, then grabbed the FULL can, which promptly and without fanfare, slipped right out of my hand, and fell to the floor.  It made quite a splash, I can assure you :D  I got pop on my pants, and my slippers, and my sewing chair ... and even a little bit on the wall behind the chair, hehe.  Of course - the remaining pop in the can, instantly lost all fizz due to the hit it took from the floor, so it tastes like crap.  Thankfully it didn't hit my sewing table/machine/current project, plus I have more pop, so the day won't be a total loss - #firstworldproblems >:D


  1. On no Sandra,not good i also have a can of pop as well,glad it didnt get on your sewing,but what a sticky mess to clean up.

  2. I hate days that start like that, because they usually continue til bedtime, lol! My gosh Sandra, you've been stitching up a storm, I can't believe all the gorgeous things you've made recently - can't even pick a favorite. Send me some of that energy!!!!!

  3. At least it cleared your sewing, but not a good start to the day.

  4. Oh yuck! I registered the can as a googly eye and so the scale seemed not too bad but then I realised! Hope its all sorted and you got some "cleaning" done!!!!

  5. One time, I bought a can to drink but left it in my car so I could run in to get my paycheck. It took longer than I thought and when I came back, the can had exploded in my car. NOT GOOD as it gets into every nook and cranny. Keep an eye on how many times you drop things. Could be sign of carpel tunnel in your wrists too. We sew enough that we can develop that~! Hugs and miss you!

  6. Oh dear Sandra, so not a good way to start the day hope it improved :)


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