Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Doin' it in 3D :D

So far February has been a very productive sewing month for me!  It's cold outside, so I've been hunkering down in my sewing dungeon, busting stash.  There's no discernable evidence that I've actually busted ANY stash, but I know I have ... and my OneNote list of completions for the month, supports my assertion :D   I put my finishes in a Rubbermaid container to keep them fresh and dust free until I'm ready to get pictures - I noticed this morning that 3 of the bags were taking up more space than the rest, so I thought I'd get them donated sooner, rather than later ;)

Presenting ... "Bags in 3D - a Compilation by Sandra" - doesn't that sound fancy? LOL!   I'm literally sitting at the computer in the dungeon, wearing flannel sleep pants, a ratty t-shirt and my poop emoji slippers.  Fancy indeed!

Up first - my cupcake Retreat bag - the fabric is a stock item @ Hobby Lobby - I love this print :)  I like making Retreat bags, but I like them better without the special frame (even though I bought 10 frames because they're cool!).  This bag will be making a repeat appearance in a day or two for a special reason - stay tuned ;)  OH!  Note the sweet cake zipper pull - isn't that adorable!

Regular boxy bag, made to use up the last bits of this pretty fox fabric.  This is the "large" size that I make - the fabric is pieced/quilted, then trimmed to 14"w x 16"t.  I can't remember how big I cut the boxed corners - probably 1.25 or 1.5" from the seam allowance.  I add a handle for carrying it, and prairie point tabs on either end of the zipper, to make it easier to open and close the zip :)  Note the cute fox zipper pull :D

One more Retreat bag (free pattern linked above) - made to use up the last of this monkey fabric :)  I used rattail and pony beads for the zipper pull - perfect for a fun/informal bag :)  My Retreats finish to about 12.5"w x 7"t x 4"d :)
And there you have it - some 3D finishes that worked out quite nicely, and which are all being donated :)  Amanda - I'll bring these to our next aquafit class ;)


  1. oooooooooooh 3-D!!! Love them, they are fab. Are you getting snow on Thursday too? Love and hugs!!

  2. Off to a great start this Feb! It is very kind of you to donate so much of your beautiful work :)

  3. Hi Sandra ,wow your bags are amazing,well done on your beautiful finishes.

  4. Hi Sandra, I am donna. You sound like a hoot and you put a smile on my face. I found your blog over at Allie Oops. Love your blog and your retreat bags.

  5. Fab finishes!!! I especially like the blue bag with the handle - a great addition.

  6. I never think of using zipper pulls - but I have about a zillion charms that I make into zipper pulls and sell at craft fairs! How daft is that!!!! Problem is about to be rectified

  7. You live such a glamorous life in that dungeon Sandra! Love the prairie point tabs for the zipper, what a great idea.


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