Friday, November 21, 2014

Sharesies - turn your volume down ;)

For kitty fans - this isn't my kitty, but (s)he's gorgeous :D  Turn down your volume before you click to play it - it's quite loud :)  I have this looped and running while I'm typing this post - it has me laughing my head off!  Meowing kitty inDEED!  ;)

Here's the bag I started on Monday, along with the rest of the sewn items for this owl gift.  Other than the owl stuffy, these are all new-to-me projects that I haven't made before. Bottom row - Oliver Owl drawstring bag by winterpeach on Etsy.  I increased the size by 50% - the original is really tiny.  Mine measures 8.5" in diameter, and 11" tall.  Middle row - owl stuffy by fluffandfuzz on Etsy - mine measures about 7"w x 6" tall (no resizing done).  Matching owl purse by fluffandfuzz - this pattern is included with the owl.  I resized it down to 80% of the original.  Mine measures 9.5"w x 8.5"t w/out strap, 12"t with strap. Hand puppets made with regular sheets of felt - they measure 5.5"w x 6.5"t (no resizing done) and the pattern is a freebie from Lia Griffith :)  (Don't ask me why the puppet pic background is yellow - all of these pictures were taken in about a 2 minute timeframe in my basement!)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Makers #13 - early :D

Nurdan has been going crazy at work lately so Monday Makers #13 isn't posted yet - I'm sure she'll get to it when she has a chance, but I'll go ahead and post mine since I have things ready ;)  Nurdan take your time!

 Last week I started this wee fox - a free tutorial from Stitched by Crystal - isn't she cute?  She measures about 7"w (not counting her arms) and 17"t including her fluffy little ears :)  She was quite easy to make - the only difficulty I had was that it was hard to tuck her stuffed arms/legs/tail inside to stitch the body back and front together - let's just say that there was some swearing involved :D  I just had to be patient, use lots of pins and go very slowly - and then *poof* - she was done :)  She's actually not fully dressed in this photo - I have 2 ideas in mind to bling her up a bit, and will post another picture when she's embellished to my liking :D  Thanks Crystal for a sweet pattern!

Here's today's start - Barney the Owl - a purchased pattern from Fluff and Fuzz :)  The pattern also includes a matching matching little purse, and I'll be trying it out as well, to go with this little owl :)  I actually cut out 2 owls while I had the pattern out, so that's a head start on another gift, lol.  You can't tell by the photograph, but those purple prints are baby wale corduroy - a sale purchase from a year or two ago - LOVELY fabrics!  :)

Posted to Monday Makers! #13 :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monday Makers! #12 :)

Yay Monday Makers! time again - time to start something new! I knew what I was going to start for this episode of MM so late last night I got busy with some pink fleece fabric - I like using Joann Fabrics' Soft N Comfy Dot Fabric - it's like a faux minkee, and I have lots of it in stash from frequent Buffalo runs (I buy it with a coupon or when it's on sale :D).  I'm making a fox stuffy from this tutorial :)

I got all the pattern pieces drafted onto cardboard templates, and traced the pieces onto the fleece.   I started sewing today - she now has a nose and eyes, lol.  I should have her finished soon - she's very simple but REALLY cute :)

Last week's new Monday project was an orange shark - I got him completed very quickly, and am SO pleased with how he turned out.  He's actually going to the brother of the recipient of the pink fox - there will be a 3rd stuffy as well, for their brother - stay tuned - that one will be a Monday Makers! project as well, lol!

Posting to Monday Makers! #12 :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gift status: completed :D

Here are a couple of pics of a Christmas gift I recently completed - I love doing a theme set with a book and some sewn and purchased items - tomorow I start a fox gift! 

Shark goodies I recently stitched for a gift - pillowcase, bedbuggs shark stuffy, zipper bag appliqued with "3D" shark :)

Here's the completed gift - from top left:  appliqued zipper bag, shark stuffy, shark pencil box, mini shark squirters, shark book (which I later exchanged for a different book), shark pillowcase and shark stickers :)  The pencil box, books, stickers and squirters were all purchased from - I love my Prime membership, lol!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Muaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha!!! :)

I started sewing this guy last night and didn't stop until he was finished - HE IS CUTE!  He measures about 15"w x 10"t - pattern is from Bedbuggs on Etsy (NAYY).  I've made 3 or 4 of these sharks now - this one is my favourite - I think it's because he's a ginger :D

I'll be posting him as a finish to the next Monday Makers! linky party :D

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Monday Makers! #11 :)

*Sandra runs to computer with camera card to quickly upload pic before Monday Makers! #11 deadline!* :)  Here's the project I got started on yesterday - the last Bedbuggs shark stuffy I needed for my shark Christmas gift sets :)   I'd been working on gift bags and forgot that I wanted to get this started, so my goal is now to get it completed this week so I can mark the gift off of my To Do list :D

My plan for last week was to finish my monster backpack, but alas, I can't find the hardware and haven't been able to get to the fabric store to buy more.  I'll try to get it finished this week as well :D

Posting to Monday Makers! #11 - made it with 11 minutes to spare - that was close, LOL!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Progress on the monster bag :)

Progress on the monster backpack - I gave him arms and legs (using the lining fabric), and got the strap holders basted on. I can't find my box of hardware so I need to go to the fabric store to get D-rings and strap holder thingies. The bag doesn't have a gusset - I wouldn't even technically call it a backpack - it's more a flat bag that can be worn like a backpack. Once the straps and hardware are installed, I can just add the lined back and the bag will be finished, with no raw edges (I'm doing the assembly the same way I do Kristin Link's front zip pouches).  Home stretch, baby!  :D

Here are a few Halloween bags I made for some kids I know.  I had fun using up some of my cute Halloween prints, and doing the Halloween appliques :D

Measuring tape bags (top, 4.5" x 8") and quilted appliqued ghost bag (8" x 8") :)
3 little Halloween zippies - about 4" each :)


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